Xplore agreement.

When you join Xplore you agree to some things for the year with us, don't worry we agree to some things as well. Click below to read the agreement. If we receive your application we are presuming you've agreed to everything in the agreement and by applying you in effect agree. Now that's an awful lot of agreeing to an agreement in one agreement. To read it click below.

Privacy notice.

When you sign up to Xplore you are trusting us with information about you, for example your contact details. We think that trust is worth protecting along with the information. Click below to find out how we hold your information, what we do with it while you are on Xplore and after you finish Xplore. Hopefully you'll be part of us for a while so its worth knowing.

Whats an Xplore year like?

Head to the Members page above to see the titles of teaching topics over the course of Xplore...

Sorry for all the formal stuff above but the good news is you've reached the application. Actually the really good news for us is that you want to be part of us for the next year.

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