Community is the container for being missional, its what holds the culture of Xplore. We want to see the missional culture spill out from our Xplore community to those in the wider community.  It is more than organised meetings, allocated appointments, online gatherings or getting together to do evangelism. We want those on Xplore to become proficient in participating in and leading community. If we cannot get community right with each oher then we have no alternative to broken communities across Ireland. That is not to say it is perfect. It is however a place where it is safe to become someone. A space where those who do not know God feel they can be and themselves become someone else.

'Lean in to add value' is our go to mantra for being community. If we can genuinely do this then as each person leans in to build up, encourage and to add value to the life of the others on Xplore, in theory everyone will be seen, be heard and leave with needs being met. If we can do this in our little communities we can then do it to the big community around us.