Xplore connects you to a body of learning and a family of people in your city or online without consuming your time. You can access know-how, support and be challenged so you get to see those around you become disciples.  

While you may want a 'take-away' resource our experience shows it is best worked out with others and mission becomes more deeply embedded in us when it is shared learning.  For this reason we've coupled the listening to teaching with a weekly community. The community aspect is not optional.

What is the time commitment and format for meeting?

You'll meet with your Xplore community either in person or online.  We suggest a minimum of 1 hour and no more than 2 hours per week.  For your local Xplore you meet in your city with other Xplorers.  For the online Xplore you meet online using Skype.

What happens on Xplore when we meet together?

Really it is very straight forward and like any normal group of friends.  Chit-chat as people arrive, banter at the expense of the late arrivals!  Some groups eat together (even the online groups).  We discuss teaching, describe how it applies to us, share our mission context/people we're reaching and then pray for one another.

Some things you will find helpful in an Xplore community.

We turn teaching into practices that we will apply in our day-to-day life and share how we're going to live it out with the others in our groups.  We hold each other accountable (including encouraging/advising) both in asking how it is going and committing to pray for each other over the week.  We stay in touch outside group time (texting, whatsapp group & facebook really help).  In the rest of our week, we get on with witnessing - looking for opportunities to do evangelism as life happens rather than wait on a perfect moment or an event, intentionally using the time and places we already inhabit because of work or uni etc.  When you make a commitment we'll ask you to be specific, that includes knowing the specifics of each others' missional contexts.

What about times its hard or I've got other stuff going on in life?

Being community or family is very important on Xplore.  It isn't easy doing evangelism so having others who understand how hard it can be really helps.  Our goal is you hearing God, being faithful to that and having others around you along the way. 

​Its good in our Xplore groups to share how life is generally, where we see God at work/where we want to see Him at work but perhaps don't.  We want you to call one another forward in missional living, and check on previous commitments we've made to those in our missional context.  Outside of group time its good to actively pray for each other and for the people God has placed on each others' hearts.

Am I expected to attend other Xplore activities in the year?

There are optional gatherings for a few weekends throughout the year, but these are optional.

You may want to do something locally and invite other Xplorers to come and join you - keep us posted!