The story of God is so big we can easily struggle to know how it fits with the multitude of stories already in our world.  Xplore helps you get the story of God into your world without turning it into a programme or an event.

Easy to access material online.

We aim for 30 minutes of teaching material per week.  Xplore uses audio files and videos as our platform for teaching material.  All you need is a notebook, a pen, headphones, internet access and a convenient time.

Keeping it simple and applicable.

Xplore keeps material simple enough to remember and rather than large activities to practice we use lots of small ones that are easily accessible so they can become as normal as breathing.  We cover mission, evangelism, discipling others and community formation.

Sharing faith through words and action.

It may seem like an odd requirement but we ask everyone doing Xplore to speak to those around them about Jesus and to be willing to pray for them in person.  If you dont know what to say, we can help you with that.  If you're afraid, we can also help you with that.  If you refuse to give it a go, sorry, we can't help you with that!