Practice the Values, they are our life.




Risk taking







When people share something that can be prayed for, pray immediately. If your group is restricted by time, pray at the end and practice praying in Whatsapp and on Facebook.

As a leader pray for each person over the week between gathering. When you do evangelism, pray before, during and after. When you meet a problem, pray. When you have a breakthrough...pray!


Ask outright what is it that you expect from God, what can a person be expecting from the other people in Xplore, how do they express what they are expectant for? Expectancy is a good practice to get to know God's promises better and to know what motivates us. Another good question is to ask what is motivating you today? When anyone begins to stretch into what they feel God is asking of them begin to grow expectancy in them AND in your group for them.


Risk taking.

When people are sharing what they are hoping to see happen, when they pray big prayers, when they are responding to God prompting them through the teaching, that’s a good time to practice a bit of a stretch. Rather than a massive leap what can they do between the meetings that would be a stretch in response to what they are sensing or expressing.



A great follow on from risk taking. Decide what accountability looks like to work for individuals. Do this simply by asking them. You get to explain this value at the same time. When someone has expressed a stretch/risk take its always good to have someone help. Ask who can hold them accountable AND how that will work? You might need to make suggestions at the start.



So many ways for this to work. Jesus sent them out in twos. Who locally can help the Xplorer do what they feel God is asking of them, even if it is an inner work in themselves as well as evangelism? Can the group participate? Can wider Xplore help? It counters people being alone, being isolated. Isolation can either kill something in its hard times or make the person hard in the pursuit. Collaboration develops humility…all that having to do things with others!



Arriving early (did you ever think of that as being generous?!). Slowing down the gathering when the Holy Spirit is speaking or working or when someone is struggling or sharing from depth - this is being generous. Asking people (not all the time) to share what they appreciate in another person in the group, using words that build up others. Showing up in person or via text. A gift in the post or a birthday card, we’ve even done cake online before! You will need to prompt this and lead by example. Generosity creates the space for risk taking, not outwardly towards the world in evangelism but inwardly in terms of sharing ourselves with others. Generosity breeds trust. Generosity also gets to flow outwards to people around us especially in mission, as we do evangelism. Generous words and generous actions.


What is it you expect from others? If you’ve invested time, words, actions do they owe you something in return? Perhaps respect, perhaps changing something, maybe a thank you? Unconditional love from you towards your group or your group towards the lost means any payment in any way is never expected from them and still we give. We don’t give up on people. We speak not because of what might be returned to us or a good feeling but because of what God has done and is doing within us. Unconditional requires us spending time with God so we buffer against expecting from others what is God's to give. Our significance, our belonging, it is all from Him. What others do is enhance it or become the conduits for it but they don’t owe it to us.