Jesus invited us to go with Him as we make disciples. That's what Xplore is all about: equipping you to make mission and evangelism count where you are already at; work, uni or your neighbourhood.

Do you have a desire to see God at work in those around you?

If you are reading this we can assume you want God to use you to change the culture, the environment and the people around you but you might not know yet where or who he wants you to reach.  Xplore starts where you are at.

Our job is to help you discover, then help you get there.

Do you have the vision but need the resources and encouragement?

If you're already involved in mission and evangelism or know what it is you want to do, then the role of Xplore is to fill in the gaps and stretch you even further.  We give you tools that will work regardless of your context.

Is time the most valuable resource you have at the moment?

One size does not fit all and so we don't major on events or programmes.  We focus instead on practices and principles to be used in the life you already live rather than adding in more activity.

Are you willing to practice mission day-in day-out?

This only works if you get into the rhythm of living this out missionally.  Whether you are part of a group already, or you need to gather others locally to join you, we expect everyone to put into practice what they learn. To keep on practicing over the coming year and to share that learning with others on Xplore.  Our goal is you doing evangelism as part of your day to day life.