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This week, we will be getting to know each other and sharing how we came to know Jesus.

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Hello and welcome to your very first Envoy teaching! We are so pleased to have you with us on this journey. 

This week, we will be sharing our faith stories with one another and learning about three foundational practices of all Xplore, Reunion and Envoy communities: to see and be seen, to hear and be heard, and to lean in and release value.

There is a podcast and a video teaching of Danielle who shares her faith story. Listen to the podcast first as it will give you some instructions for how to approach the rest of the content and for how your Envoy meet-up will run.

So, grab a notebook and a pen, make a cuppa, sit somewhere comfy and quiet and enjoy week 1!


Envoy Faith StoriesNeville Barnes
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Watch this video of Danielle sharing her story.


Thank you for sharing what you heard or saw. We will pass this on for you.

things you'll need to know

From week two (after you watch the teaching video) there will be a guide for responding called, 'an afterthought'. You can print this off from the website (click here to have a look). It is just a few questions that help you get the most from the teaching. If you need more help to understand the questions there will also be a guide that sits alongside the questions. To see the guide now just click here otherwise it will be available from next week onwards. The alternative will be to get a notepad and pen and just answer the questions there. 

Bring along a note pad and pen.

Find out where you are meeting as well as the day and time. 

Be on time.

Have fun!

extra for those meeting online

If you are meeting online, find out from your leader the day and time you will be meeting as well as how you will be meeting (e.g. Skype, Facebook messenger or Zoom). Your leader will need to send you the group meet up link so you can join the call online. 

Definitely be early so any glitches can be sorted out. 

Make sure your call app (eg Skype) is the most up to date version

Have headphones. Some computers have the microphone and speakers beside each other and in a group call this can cause feedback, echo or squealing! The only way to avoid this is using headphones. You'll only know if you need them by being on the call. 

Find a spot where you won't be a distraction or get distracted for the call (with good wifi). 

And the old faithful. Notepad and pen.