Evangelism is the communication of the story that we believe trumps all other stories and its the story our own life takes its lead from. We want to see everyone on Xplore in their own unique way lose their fear of talking about Jesus. Begin to enjoy it but most of all to see their friends, neighbours and communities begin to follow Jesus.


On Xplore we keep things simple.

Weekly teaching podcasts

We have a rhythm of a week based on the bible, followed by a week of contemporary examples and practices that might be taken on locally as a group or by an individual on Xplore. 


We also have presence weekends

A presence weekend is time to become present with God and present with the others on Xplore. Our hope for that is to see and be seen at depth. Rather than stop there we then become present for a part of the weekend among those who are not Christians in the community we are local to. 


We have push events

We invite people from the wider Xplore family to come to help in an area where an Xplore group exists in order to 'push' forward work that the local team are doing or have become stuck in.