Missional is the culture or atmosphere generated by us because of what we believe to be true. Across our Island this will include reconciliation, engaging poverty for change and finding communities or individuals who are seen or see themselves as far from God.


On Xplore we focus on the exiles, Jesus in the Gospels and the early Christians in Acts as our base model for being missional today.

We ask all those on Xplore to engage those around them by:

   telling the story of Jesus that motivates us.

   making promises that will add value to individuals and communities we are called to.

   to stand against wrongs by offering positive alternatives again to both individuals and communities.

   be people who worship in missional settings more often than church settings.

'Love looks like something' is our go to mantra for being missional. So whether facing a new person or situation or reflecting on the Xplore teaching our best question to help stay missional is, 'what does love look like in this moment?