Use Xplore in its current format.

Currently have provisional leaders and groups in Belfast, Lisburn, Londonderry and Dublin.



Summer Madness & Catalyst.

Bigger exhibition team and display. Mark Russell & Jasper Rutherford on Main Stage to promote Xplore but also NGEC.

Gather key youth agency/youth leaders/Young Adults (early September) for a 'Next Generations Evangelism Conference'.

Promote Xplore as a resourse and begin recruitment of groups and repeat annually.



Create 1 online Xplore community (a hangout) for leaders too far from Belfast to meet.

Maximum of 4 leaders.

Create 1 Belfast based group for leaders.

No maximum, targeting leaders within driving distance of Belfast, meet fortnightly. 

Create 1 local group at COM in North Belfast.

To continue the Xplore with Stephen Whitten.

Begin a Mission Community in Belfast.

For past Xplorers to rejoin with mission and work with Stephen Whitten and wider Centre of Mission.



Target for year 1, 50-100 people.



A Presence weekend (exclusive to those on Xplore) in late September in Belfast.

Start using the Xplore programme www.xplore.org.uk including beginning local evangelism both individual and as a group.

A retreat overnight (exclusive to those on Xplore) early in New Year.

A Presence overnight (exclusive to those on Xplore) around Easter.

A final Presence overnight (inclusive of those interested in Xplore). Late August/Early September to pick up potential recruits from the festivals.



Major Partner one

18-21s who we have noticed have a heart to reach 16-18 age group. towards end of year one create an online hangout for them to redesign Xplore for use in youth groups and by the 16-18 age group to reach their peers.

Major partner two

Global Outreach Day are perfect partners to develop our push or 'one day' event to give young adults and leaders a hands on experience of evangelism that is local but on a national and global scale. This is our best opportunity to promote and recruit for Xplore in year one for year two.

One day events (could fit into a weekend) create a strong emphasis on faith sharing. If built into a weekend then it could include activites like StreetReach.

Major partner three

Cross Community. We want to partner and serve agencies (Youth Initatives and others) with a heart and focus on reconciliation where evangelism ceases to be territorial and in its nature helps people to reconcile.